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FLIPHTML5 Flipbooks, An Effective Way For Remote Learning

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According to the accelerated technology development, many fields in our life have been computerized, and their services are served in a digital form. The examples include shopping, ordering food and meals, buying traveling tickets, and also joining courses and educational content.


The need for remote learning

In this hard time, while the whole world is suffering fromCoronavirus, the social distances should be great enough, to prevent the spread of the infection. According to this, the traditional way of learning is prohibited such as: going to school, joining classrooms, and studying from paper books. From here, remote learning becomes a must and the necessity for digital books increases. The Flipbook is a way to turn any PDF book into an interactive digital book, that simulates the paper book. And the digital classrooms are created through the internet, using educational content developed by FLIPHTML5.


The effectivity of FLIPHTML5 flipbooks

The flipbook is the version of turning-page books specialized for remote learning. FLIPHTML5 made it easy to bring any readable PDF content, and convert it into a flipbook. The fun doesn’t stop at this, FLIPHTML5 provides options for editing the flipbook, adding multimedia like photos, videos. These options make your flipbook more attractive, and this will bring more audience to your digital book. Most issues facing students in remote learning include lack of an interactive educational environment and irregularity in attending remote learning lessons.


● Lack of interactive educational environment

One of the important features of FLIPHTML5 is that you can make your educational content vibrant with life. The flipbooks created by FLIPHTML5 breaks the traditional ways of giving information. Now, your flipbook includes videos and photos, making the remote learning funnier for students during the period of social spacing due to Coronavirus.


● Irregularity in attending remote learning lessons

Many students usually don’t keep joining remote learning lessons, because they find it more boring, and less attractive. Therefore, few of these students attend these lessons on the internet, because the schools are closed to prevent the infection by COVID-19. FLIPHTML5 solved this problem for students and teachers. The flipbooks easily created in FLIPHTML5 helps teachers to develop more attractive and less boring educational content, and they can use these flipbooks on many digital screen sharing platforms, such as Google meetFlipbook and Loom. This option spurs the teachers to use these flipbooks on the digital platform to attract students, and remove their boredom from remote learning. On the other side, the students will find an interactive environment to learn and study, as they learn inside the traditional classroom. Therefore, they will keep joining these remote learning lessons.



Finally, these defects of remote learning are solved by FLIPHTML5, and the effectiveness of remote learning has raised.



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