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Jobs That Require Network+ Certification

After completion of CompTIA Network+ certification, a certificate and card with your CompTIA number are issued. This step qualifies you to find a job that will use the new credentials. An advantage of Network+ certification is that it is not vendor-specific. Therefore, it enables you to look for jobs which utilize any network- raising your options to a considerable extent.

The idea that this credential is entry specific should not discourage you from seeking out different IT positions. Being a help-desk is not the only option one has.


Some of the jobs to begin your search are:

Security specialist: cyber security is the fastest growing field in the IT industry. The most vital characteristic of IT security positions is networking. As a result, candidates looking for employment in this area must have Network+ certification.


Technician: a technician normally troubleshoots network problems, just like the problems presented on the certification exam. This role comes with the responsibility of installing network equipment. This position is the most obvious meaning a greater opportunity for advancement exists.

Administrator: even though additional training is needed to be an administrator, many organizations will consider previous work experience. Those with Network+ certification will have an upper hand in securing this position. An administrator is responsible for reducing any network downtime, manage network issues daily and troubleshooting problems.


Teaching and training: with the certification, one qualifies to teach others on their team or in the field. This is because the person has the knowledge and is adequately skilled to look for a position as a trainer or instructor for Network+ students of the future.


CompTIA is widely known and recognized worldwide in 120 countries. Studying diligently and taking a Network+ course will equip you with knowledge and concepts necessary for passing the exams with flying colors. But how long should it take to be prepared? It depends on an individual. Some factors affecting the timing are:

How much work experience the person has

How long the training course takes

How much time is available to study daily or weekly

How long a person has been involved with networking

For many who enroll for the certification exam, the time spent on studying, the training course and completing practice exams takes about 12 weeks. Certiology offers free practice exams.


However, the interval can differ widely. Someone with less than year work experience in the industry might take longer than another who has been dealing with networking technologies for an extended period. The more experienced ones need only a month to go over and study the latest technologies.

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